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A Change of Heart TVB 2013 30/30 Engsub

A Change of Heart TVB 2013 30/30 Engsub

Category: Phim Hong Kong | Episode: 180 | View: 84240
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Chinese Title: 好心作怪
English Title: A Change of Heart
Genre: Fantasy, Suspense, Drama
Producer: Nelson Cheung (War of In-Laws II, D.I.E, Your Hired!)
Production: August - December 2012
Episodes: 30
Michael Miu
Bosco Wong
Joey Meng
Niki Chow
Mandy Wong
Vincent Wong
Benjamin Yuen
Benz Hui
Eliane Yiu
JJ Jia
Sammy Shum
Rosanna Lui
Jack Wu
Adrian Chau
Otto Chan
William Chak
Ha Ping
Akina Hong
Selling Point
A heart transplantation surgery saves the life of a tycoon. Evil hearted man transplanted into an angel.

The ruthless FONG CHI LIK (Michael Miu) suffers from congestive heart failure, and was fortunate to have good-hearted YIU YAT SAN (Bosco Wong) donate his heart to him. After the change of heart surgery, this evil man's personality changed drastically. When he recovered, he suddenly turned into a nice man. When LIK discovered YAT's "accidental" death involved him and his wife, he gets lost between love and righteousness; good and evil. YAT's younger brother YIU YUET SAN (also Bosco Wong) gets involved in a wrong and complicated relationship with his brother's girlfriend YUEN SIU KAT (Niki Chow). KAT also develops a controversial relationship with LIK, which caused turbulence with her boyfriend.