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The Hippocratic Crush - On Call 36 (TVB 2012) 25/25 Eng Sub

The Hippocratic Crush - On Call 36 (TVB 2012) 25/25 Eng Sub

Category: Phim Hong Kong | Episode: 292 | View: 77163
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Chinese title: On Call 36小時
Literal meaning: On call for 36 hours
English title: The Hippocratic Crush
Genre: Medical drama
Episodes: 25
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2012
Air time: 12th February 2012 onwards

The drama is in Cantonese
The subs are in English

Plot / Synopsis

Each day and night,in a race against time, a group of medical interns and residents attempt to help their patients triumph illness and death. However, what is the real mission of these future doctors and what can be mastered in the end?
Graduating neurosurgery resident, Cheung Yat Kin (Kenneth Ma) was intent on sending his disabled younger brother to study overseas. Thus, Yat Kin concentrated on work to earn money and neglected his own love life until he met medical intern, Fan Zi Yu (Tavia Yang), who possessed the same passion in medical studies. Zi Yu came from a family of famous doctors. Strongly attracted by Yat Kin’s abilities and personality, Zi Yu took the initiative to pursue him.
While Yat Kin was still hesitant, the sudden death of his brother led to Yat Kin’s drastic change in temperament. The staff of the entire hospital, including a group of new interns, such as Yeung Pui Chung (Him Law) and Zi Yu’s younger sister, Kong Mei Shuet (Mandy Wong) respected Yat Kin greatly. During Yat Kin’s lowest point, Zi Yu was diagnosed with a serious illness….


Kenneth Ma
Tavia Yeung
Him Law
Mandy Wong
Derek Kok
Wilson Tsui
Nathan Ngai
Benjamin Yuen
Paisley Hu
Ben Wong
Mary Hon
Bruce Li
Catherine Chau
Raymond Cho
Brian Tse
Candy Chang
King Lam
Kyle Tse
Candice Chiu
Natalie Wong
Jason Lam
Lo Chun-shun
Calvin Lui
Marcus Kwok
Owen Ng
So Yan-chi
Lee Fung
Snow Suen
Adam Ip
Tong Chun-ming
Leung Kin-ping
Russell Cheung
Mark Ma
Jenny Fan
Kirby Lam
Tsui man-ching
Seng Oi-lam
Kerry Chan
Jel Lam
Lydia Law
Kau Cheuk-nang