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Pháp Luật Vô Hình - Friendly Fire TVB 2013 26/26 VNLT

Pháp Luật Vô Hình - Friendly Fire TVB 2013 26/26 VNLT

Category: Phim Hong Kong | Episode: 222 | View: 166595
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Chinese Title: 法網狙擊
English Title: Friendly Fire
Genre: Modern, Law
Producer: Man Wai Hung (first produced series; previously wrote scripts for War of In Laws, You're Hired!, Gun Metal Grey)
Production: April - July 2012
Country of origin : Hong Kong
Episodes: 26

Michael Tse
Tavia Yeung
Sammy Leung
Sharon Chan
Louis Yuen
Vincent Wong
Benz Hui
Mary Hon
Mandy Wong
Derek Kok
Alice Chan
Oscar Leung
Samantha Ko

A lawyer KAM CHO CHAN also known as JJ (Michael Tse) and prosecutor FONG TIN LAM (Tavia Yeung) were initially a cohabiting couple, but the two ended in a break up after a failed marriage proposal. Then fate plays with them, JJ eventually becomes a prosecutor as well and meets LAM again. However, they had differences in handling cases and with new secretary (Grace Wong) came in the picture, their relationship worsens to a stage of no turning back. CHO was still bothered by the fact that LAM refused to marry him, he knew there was a hidden reason to her decision…